Microblading Training

The training at Allure Skin, Body & Brows strongly focuses on the relationship between the artist and the client. It is important to focus not on the latest trends you see on Instagram but on your clients natural features. Allure will train you to see what the brow's end result should look like based upon the clients features and what your client desires. Microblading is much more than putting a basic pattern down and perfecting it. Being a good artist means finding a fit for each individual. Learn how to rejuvenate your clients own brows with the process of microblading. Marcy will teach you how to master communication to give incredible brows and give you a lifetime client.

3 Day Basic or 5 Day Advanced

3 Day Basic or 5 Day Advanced

Student receives microblading by instructor.

Private one on training ONLY.

$1000+ Starter kit featuring training on PhiBrow, Deluxe Brow, Everlasting Brow and Tina Davies products.

Training covers:

  • State laws and inspections
  • Social media marketing
  • Building and maintaining clientele
  • Restoring natural hair
  • Brow microblading and shaping
  • Brow tinting
  • Brow henna
  • Color theory
  • 7 Student models